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Ready to make your happiness a priority? Jump-Start Your Joy is open for registration!

Registration for the May edition of this course is now closed. If you're interested in a future run and want dibs on exclusive pre-registration, please enter your info here

I know you.

You are a professional, butt-kicking bundle of awesome 21st century woman.

You’re a girlfriend. A wife. A best friend. A daughter, a mother, a sister, a teacher.

You’re an overachiever, a 4.0-er, a list maker. A “don’t leave til tomorrow what can be done today”-er.

You’re a family supporter, a dinner maker, a laundry doer, a “sure, I can do that” and jam-packed agenda-er.

You’re a Sunday morning yogi, a curled up in an armchair reader, an “I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that” junkie ... or at least you would be if you didn’t have that big-butt list of things that had to get done first.

I am you. I was the straight-A student, the valedictorian, the “yes to everything” club joiner, the finish-third-in-my-college-class student who was so amazingly overachieving that I got my diploma … and was too dang burned out to even enjoy it.

I’ve been there. But, thank the universe, I learned how to turn things around and make my go-getter personality work for my happiness, not against it. And now I’m looking for other busy, gutsy women who are ready to make space for joy in their hectic lives, too. I'm combining that passion with my professional background (bachelor's in education from Susquehanna University, experienced teacher and online course designer, Master's degree in Online Teaching from Wilkes University) to start making a difference in the world, one radiantly joyful woman at a time.

Registration is now open for the May edition of Jump-Start Your Joy (previously called the Happiness Experiment).

Check out the deets below, and if they get you all hot and bothered, sign up here to reserve your spot. (registration now closed)

Who: Women who don’t want life to pass them by, but are not willing to throw away the crazy, hectic life that they LOVE. Women who want it all: family, career, interests, and inner peace, love, and happiness. Straight-talkers who want some practical solutions, not just fluffy feel-good. Chronic list-makers welcome.

What: A four-week crash course on presence, prioritizing, and upping your JOY, led by me, Elizabeth Guerrero. You'll learn strategies to practice presence, make your happiness a priority, and organize your time and mind to facilitate joy and contentment. We cover a lot and at a fast pace, so the course is ideal for trying on a wide variety of outlooks and approaches to see what you want to focus on more deeply as you go forward in your happiness journey. 

How: Daily emails with small, do-able thoughts/challenges, a closed (private) Facebook group for discussion, and weekly “awesome hours” when I’m available to live chat online about whatever your radiant heart desires. Worried about getting behind or missing a few days of emails? No problem, at the end of the course you'll receive a PDF with all of the materials so you can go back and reread at your convenience.

Where: On the interwebs (read: online).

When: May 6-June 2.

Why: Because the scary, scary truth is that this life is beautifully fragile and fleeting, and you cannot let your inner joy play second fiddle for one more freaking second. You owe yourself deep happiness and peace - and I’m going to lead you there, babycakes.

Cost: $28 (That’s a dollar a day invested in your own authentic joy. You are worth it.)

Ready to de-stress, simplify, and clear the clutter to make room for everyday joy and peace? Reserve your spot here.  (registration now closed)

Here's what past Jump-Start Your Joy participants are saying:

"Elizabeth's fresh approach to happiness, punchy blog posts, and raw honesty in reflecting on her own journey showed me that people of all ages and backgrounds don't think it's a bad thing to want a relatively fair trade of happiness for the hard day we put in. What I've gotten most out of this course is a great reason to reflect and be introspective without feeling guilty. It has also helped tremendously to hear other women talk about issues we sometimes feel alone in (crazy family, anyone?)." 
- Patty P : mom, wife, high school teacher

"This course helped me by teaching me to be present and to not let mental clutter from the past and worrying about the future keep my attention from the now. I've embraced Elizabeth's "Happiness is a journey" mantra instead of focusing on some endpoint or "what-ifs." Becoming more present takes a lot of practice and will be an ongoing process for me, and I'm glad that Elizabeth and her course gave me the kick-start I needed!"

- Nicole P : college student

"I feel as though I have really reconnected with some priorities in my life - and although I feel guilty at times for putting myself in a position of priority, I am realizing that unless I take time to prioritize myself, I'm really not able to care and give my authentic and true self to others. I feel blessed to have been included in this group – and to have had the honor to collaborate in this community of sharing, growing and learning!"
- Sunny W : college professor, wife, mother

"I enjoyed having a planned moment to myself each morning ... I believe just the action of taking 5-10 minutes to myself each morning to think about ME is helping me feel a bit more peaceful in the craziness!"

- Michelle B : chiropractic assistant, wife, mom of four

Registration is open no
w and will close Monday, April 29th at 11:59 pm (Eastern time)

After you complete your payment, you'll automatically be taken to a short questionnaire. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a welcome email with info and instructions on how to get ready for the course. 

A few last reasons to sign up now 
 (registration now closed):
  • In order to keep the group intimate and allow me to give you all the attention you deserve, spaces are limited.
  • The price for this course will definitely be going up for the next round. 
  • You deserve this, now. I said it above and I’ll say it again, and again: you (and your happiness) are worth it.

Have any questions before you sign up? That's cool; feel free to email me at

I can’t wait to meet you and help you shine!


  1. Just found your site and it's so full of joy. I hope your course does great :)

  2. Thank you so much, Noor! I've actually moved to a new blog that is just BURSTING with joy, so come on over and check it out at! Thanks again!


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