Friday, January 13, 2012

repair your uderwire bra in 15 minutes (no sewing required!)

Ladies, we all know how nearly impossible it is to find the perfect bra. I found mine about two years ago and was super bummed when the underwire poked through about eight months later. It had served me well, but it still sucked having to throw it away and shell out another $45+ for a new one.
Youch! Get back in there where you belong!

So when Perfect Bosom Buddy #2 broke free of it's oh-so-soft lining yesterday, I began to grumpily resign myself to the idea of having to make a trip to the mall this weekend and use that credit card I'm trying to keep nice and cool in my wallet.

But then I realized what a perfect opportunity this was to get another contemporary farm girl skill under my belt! I decided to give underwire bra repair a good college try. It it worked, that'd be $45 still in my bank account, and one less abandoned bra taking up space in the landfill.

I'm very pleased with how the repair came out. The bra feels very comfortable, and it took me less than 15 minutes to fix it. Want to try my method with one of your poky underwires?

Here's what you'll need:

*The bra (duh)
*A hot glue gun and glue stick
*A small piece of felt, any color (I just used cheap felt that I had in my craft box)
I used regular and nail scissors, but you'll be
fine if you just have one of those.
First, plug in the glue gun so it can start to get hot.

Pull out the offending underwire so there's enough exposed to pinch between your fingers.
Don't pull it out too much or it might be hard to get back in.
Next cut a little piece of felt. I cut a piece one inch square.
It doesn't have to be exactly 1"; I ended up
trimming quite a bit at the end anyway.
Fold the felt in half so it's double-thick.
Fold the felt side to side.
Squeeze some hot glue onto the back side of the wire and attach the folded felt to the back.
If the felt tries to unfold, put a tiny bit of hot glue
in the fold and squeeze it shut.
Now squeeze a spot of glue to the front of the wire, and fold the felt down OVER the wire.
Dot of glue...
...and fold down the felt.
Now trim the felt on the bottom and sides (this is where my tiny nail scissors came in handy). It's really the tip of the wire we're trying to pad, so it's okay to trim on the sides really close to the wire.
Looks like a little Q-Tip!
Now we've got the get the wire back in place. I had to cut the fabric that covers the underwire a little bit so the newly fattened wire could fit.
Little vertical cut...
...and back in place.
At least with my bra, the cover fabric wouldn't stretch back over the end of the wire since it was bigger now from the felt. So I put some glue on the backside of the felt and squeezed it against the fabric with my fingers.
Bit of glue behind the felt...
...and squeeze for a few seconds to set.
Finally, I used a bit of the felt that I trimmed off to make a rectangle big enough to cover the opened area. Squeeze some glue over the spot, and press on the felt rectangle. You might need to add a little bit more glue around the edges to smooth it all down.
Glue another piece of felt over the repair area.
Voilà! I tried my bra on right away, and it felt great. I'll have to see how it stands up to wear and washing, but I'll keep you posted in the comments section.
All finished and can't even feel it against my skin!
Have you ever repaired a poky underwire before? I'd love to hear your techniques!


  1. Buddy, you are totally brilliant! Keep us posted on how it holds up!

  2. Crafty and easy. Nicely done.
    - Kate C

  3. this is cool! I just push mine back in and stich it up, but this is pretty neat! let us know how it holds up

    1. I was afraid if I just sewed it, it would pop right back through. I was intending to add the felt pad and then stitch it up, but the wire was too fat then for the original fabric to fit back over it. I'll let you know if it works for the longer run!

  4. I no longer wear underwires. When I did, I just yanked them out. :)

    Guess I'm not the kind of person they were designed for, huh?

    1. I've tried that before too, Ami, but for me it was always really uncomfortable...and unflattering!

  5. I cut the underwire section, (still enveloped in the underwire sleeve, we'll call it, without removing the wire from it's sleeve) from an old bra that otherwise is beyond repair and sew it to the underwire area of a good bra. If you can picture this, ( it's hard to explain without a diagram), it works really well. Whenever I fix one it stays but will be even more secure with the hot glue. Great idea.

    1. That's another great idea! Thanks so much for taking the time to share!

  6. How can you fix the actual wire? Mine broke into!!!

    1. Sounds like maybe you'd have to take out the broken wire, buy a replacement wire, and feed the replacement into the bra. With a quick google search, I found this site that sells replacements:

    2. I saw on another blog where someone bought cheap bras at a thrift store and pulled the wires out to use as replacements. :)

  7. So, how did that bra hold up in the wash after all?

  8. Pretty well! It lasted me a few more months that away. I could have fixed it again, but decided it was time to just get a new one. It was worth it to get a bit more out of it though!

  9. Great fix for a crafty person who would already have this stuff around the house. Since I would have to buy everything but the scissors, I think I'll just go get another bra.

  10. My daughter's favorite bra broke this way the other day. She goes to her FATHER and says, can i use mommy's duct tape on my bra. it was a gold bra and i have gold tape. " honey, there are some things that duct tape just won't work for, but i like your thinking." So what does she do, gett he wood gorilla glue. talked her out of it, but still wondering when the feminine gene kicks in. lol hopefully not for a couple years she is only 11. ;) just thought i'd share the laugh.:) still hunting for the new bra. but looking on so hope to have some luck or good luck ladies.

  11. Shove the wire back in and just Crazy glue it. Works for up to 5 washes.

  12. If you buy a pack of sheets of moleskin (it's the stuff you use to remove corns from feet) you can just cut a small piece and stick it on over the hole. It lasts a long time, through several washes, and only takes about a minute to do.

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  14. Okay, so that's all great for when the stupid wire pops out again.. Buttt does anyone have the problem where the wire turns side ways instead of being flat? Like you buy a nice bra wear and wash it a few times, then when you go to put it on one day the under-wire is all turned out of place. It make it so uncomfortable and makes me mad a just bought it!! Does anyone have this problem? Or better yet a solution?? I can neverrrr get the wire flat again and the bra just ends up all sad in the bottom of my draw.. :/

    1. Just a little tip, try washing your bras in those smalll laundry bags for only bras :) cause I had the same problem & my mom actually told me to start washing that way. has worked wonders for me :) hope it helped. goodluck!!


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